Fibre Optics

Computer Cabling Solutions Ltd are competent installers of all types of fibre optic cabling, being singlemode or multimode. For every site there is a different demand for the use of a fibre cable, be it for LAN or WAN applications.

Many different connector types can be supplied and presented in fibre optic patch panels, or an alternate housing. LC, ST, SC and MTRJ to name but a few, can be directly terminated to the cable or fusion spliced.

Our trained engineers are able to direct terminate connectors on to the fibre cables by cold cure, hot melt or by light crimping specified ends. A final polish to the connector and the cores are then prepared, ready for testing.

Generally for fault finding purposes an OTDR is used to locate a break in cable, and when a new cable is installed our fluke DTX testers will provide a comprehensive report on each core available for use.

Different grades of fibre we install are listed below with capabilities and maximum distances allowed to maintain signal speed;

OS19/1251000MBPS (1 GIG)
OM162.5/1251000MBPS (1 GIG)280m
OM250/1251000MBPS (1 GIG)550m
OM350/1251000MBPS (1 GIG)800m
OM350/12510,000MBPS (10 GIG)300m