Data Centre Services

When it comes to Data Centres, structured cabling is the first essential building block. In the simplest of terms, a data centre is a centralised location for the storage, management, processing and exchange of data that exists within a specific enterprise or a specialised facility.
Computer Cabling Solutions Ltd specialise in the installation of Copper and Fibre cabling within Data Centre and Communication Room environments. We are highly experienced in this field and pride ourselves on consistently delivering the highest level of quality workmanship you wont see anywhere else, on-time and within budget.
Computer Cabling Solutions Ltd can provide you with a total solution to all your cabling requirements within the data centre environment including :
  • All types of Copper and Fibre cabling; be it a new row of racks with header and footer cabling or interlinks between different rows of racks.
  • Switch Harness Looms plugged into a switch or device in one rack and presented on a new patch panel within another cabinet to assist and ease the patching process within racks.
  • All copper and fibre cables loomed and dressed in to the highest standard using tie-wraps and Velcro depending on which cable is being used.
  • Patch Panels clearly labelled using engraved traffolyte labels.
  • Cables labelled at each end using Brady labels to easily trace any cables.
  • Cable management bars installed in appropriate U positions to assist and keep patching tidy.
  • Working in live cabinets with active equipment.
  • Patching between patch panels and server equipment.
  • Diverse routing of cabling.
  • Halogen free cable sleeving either end to end or within racks.
Here at Computer Cabling Solutions Ltd we understand that downtime is not an option within the Data Centre environment, that’s why all our Engineers are fully trained and competent to work in live racks; providing our customers with peace of mind and the assurance that no disruption will be caused to an already live network.

Pre-Terminated Solutions
We can also provide our customers with a pre-terminated Copper and Fibre cabling solution be it one end or both. We can come and visit your site take exact lengths of the cabling required then return to our own in-house workshop to make the looms up.
On completion each cable will be tested with our Fluke DTX cable analysers and labelled to our customers specifications before being delivered to site.
This solution significantly reduces costs and disruption to your workplace.

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